For those of us who don’t have the luxury of personal transportation means, public transportation is the answer. While it surely has its perks and pros, the cons far outweigh them. Public transportation in Greater Cairo has become an everyday nightmare divided into smaller nightmares. Here are 5 Nightmares we face in public transportation.

5 Nightmares we face in public transportation

  • The waiting
  • The crowd
  • The fare
  • The temperature
  • The delays

The waiting

Wasting time is always a hassle, especially when you are standing in the sun at 12 PM waiting for the bus or metro to arrive. Lucky for you, Buseet is changing this, you can book your ride and it will arrive to the pick-up point on time, and the drop off point on time. How you ask? Highly trained drivers and staff dedicated to the customer’s satisfaction.

The crowd

So the waiting is over, you will be pushed into a public transportation mean with no room to breathe, no room to move, no room to even see the sunlight. The crowds become extremely unbearable in hot weather. Well, if you take Buseet, no one will share your seat and you will enjoy the whole ride in air conditioning to arrive safe, sound, and fresh as ever.

The fare

Money talks, and in public transportations, the fare changes every other day. Another part of the fare nightmare is collecting it in microbuses and buses. Again, if you have been paying attention to the article you will realize that Buseet is the answer. You get to know your fare before you book and it never changes along the way. Pay in cash, pay online, whatever floats your boat!

The temperature

Have you ever been in a public transportation bus with no means of air conditioning, or even regular air cycling? If you have, then you know that it feels like hell on earth. Have you learned the lesson yet? Yes! Buseet’s buses are all air-conditioned for your comfort!

The delays

This one is a big one. You might be riding the bus or the metro in perfect conditions. You are all happy thinking “wow, this is going better than expected”, suddenly they make a surprise stop for maintenance. The crowd exits through the doors and waits for another bus or metro to arrive so they can continue their commute; double stacking the crowd.

We at Buseet handle our maintenance on our own terms and not during commuting time.

If you have been living the commuting nightmare for too long, download buseet app and live the commuting dream through our premium bus service!