Nothing says a million population city like crowded streets and constant rush hours in daily commuting. Between the noise of the people and the loud horns of the cars around you, you will wish you’d have never left your home in the first place. Or perhaps you are a creative thinker who would dwell in finding the best option to get around Greater Cairo daily with it becoming a chore. Exploring the options with its pros and cons could take some time; this is why we did it for you. Below are the 5 quickest transportation to get around Greater Cairo; bearing in mind that they are not all practical or even realistic.

5 Quickest transportations to get around Greater Cairo

  • Taking a boat in the river Nile
  • Taking a bike through crowded streets
  • Taking the Metro and the underground
  • Taking a Helicopter in the sky
  • Simply book a ride on Buseet

Taking a boat in the River Nile

Egypt is known for its river Nile that extends from the south all the way to the north and the Mediterranean Sea. And while ancient Egyptians relied on the Nile to grow their crops and get around the country, we don’t rely on it that much no aday in transportation, especially in Greater Cairo and crowded cities. If you are a resident of Cairo, you’ll have passed by the Corniche at one point of time or the other, maybe you were riding the bus during rush hour and the driver decided to take a detour to the worst route ever, or you were just enjoying a walk that was ruined by all the car horns and bus noises. Perhaps you noticed that on a calm and sunny weekend there are boats that cruise the Nile or people who go kayaking for fun and activity, but did you know that there are actually water buses in Cairo? You must be mind-blown right now if you didn’t know that before!

The idea of a water bus sounds appealing, no traffic, fresh air, calm and quiet transit, so why is it not so popular then? To put it in a simple way; water buses are impractical, let’s recap why. For starters, the punctuality of a water bus is inconsistent, there are no fixed times, and while the routes are always empty, the bus is relatively slow. Lastly, there are so few stops and stations, which means you’ll probably have to switch transportation anyways. So let’s scratch the water bus and look for more options.

Taking a bike through crowded streets

A motorbike, the two-wheelers of the road, the kings of shortcut, and the petrol savers. We have all been there in a crowded street that isn’t moving in our commute when we have looked around and seen bikes on the sidewalk moving like ants to their colony. Nothing stands in the way of a bike, no buses, and no cars, nothing. Sounds like the right option right? Wrong! Well, for starters you will need the money to buy a bike and a whole set of safety gears which will cost you a lot of money comparing it to a bus ticket. If you are not keen on having your own two-wheeler, perhaps you’ll want to try a scooter service where you ride behind the driver and just enjoy the breath on your skin; that is until you realize that you are only wearing a helmet and not full safety gear. While it is a better option than the water bus, it could be pricey, and safety is still an issue even if you have the full gear. So moving on to the next option.

Taking the Metro and the underground

Forget about different routes and streets, this is the way to go, two rails and a straight route to destination….or is it? The subway is without a doubt the fastest way to get around Cairo because there is no traffic, however, there is human traffic. Sometimes the stations are so crowded that you can barely get to the door, and once you do, you will be stuck there with your face against the glass like sardines in a tin can. Bear in mind that there are some time delays in the line where you have to wait for a longer time or switch trains for maintenance; and they always happen at the worst of times when you are really in a hurry. So while it is practical, it is not reliable or comfortable at all.

Taking a helicopter in the sky

This one made the list just for fun. Imagine a helicopter transportation service where you can take the route of the sky and wave goodbye to all the commuters in the buses below, sound like a dream, and will probably stay that way. If this service is ever released, it will be so expensive you’ll barely be able to take it once every 3 months, that is setting aside of course that it will have to be for a weekly or monthly prior booking for your trip. Just drop the whole idea, we have what you are looking for!

Simply book a ride on Buseet

Safety, check convenience, check, comfortable ride, check, punctuality, check, the list could go on forever as to why you should pick Buseet as your daily commuting service. It is simply the premium bus booking network that aims to save you the hassle of wasting your time and energy in public transportation and instead give you a smooth sublime transportation experience from point A to point B through the fastest and shortest routes. All you have to do is download the App and start booking your rides to enjoy your daily commute for a change.