why Buseet ?! We live in the technology era where everything is on-demand with a press of a button; if you want food, press a button, if you want clothes, press a button, if your boss wants you from New Cairo to Sheikh Zayed in 30 mins…well there is no button for that, however, there is a way to order a super convenient bus ride online with a touch of a button; Buseet!

The premium bus booking network aims to save you the hassle of wasting your time and energy in public transportation and instead give you a smooth sublime transportation experience from point A to point B.

All you have to do is download the app and start booking your rides. If you are still not sold on the idea, here are the 5 reasons why Buseet is your best transit choice for your everyday commute.

5 Reasons why Buseet is your best transit choice

  •  It’s the fastest bus
  • Easy & Fast payment methods
  • Punctual bus arrival times
  • Countless bus routes and stations
  • Convenience!


1. It’s the fastest bus

There are no lines, no tickets, and definitely no hassle. We have experienced waking up early in the morning to go to work on time only to find that there is a war at the bus station. This war is not a simple one; getting on the bus becomes a tough chore itself, and of course, you won’t find any empty seats. The other problem is the buses might not be there at all, but fear not, this is where Buseet comes in to save the day.

Buseet offers you a smart and fast booking system where you can book your entire weekly trips to be on the safe side. They also have the fastest routes across stations with booking, meaning that they will save you time for booking your ride, and the actual time of the ride. Like the title of the paragraph says, it’s the fastest bus out there!

2. Easy & Fast payment methods

Simply download Buseet’s app and book your seat knowing exactly what the fare is going to be; you can pay cash or through credit card too without the hassle you would face in public transportation to pay for the ticket. You also secure a comfortable bus seat, which is highly unlikely in public transportation by the way.

You won’t have to put your hands in your pocket to reach for the ticket fare, you won’t have to go through countless calculations if there is no conductor on the bus because the driver is busy driving you know. All you need to do on Buseet is to sitback, enjoy the air conditioning, relax, and wait for your destination!

3. Punctual bus arrival times

Okay let’s face it, the Egyptian streets are a mess when it comes to transportation and rides time. You’d be going down the elevator taking your car or waiting for your transport and you are thinking “This will take 20 to 30 mins tops” then 5 minutes into your ride you realize that you have never been so wrong in your whole life.

Buseet’s operations and qualified bus drivers make sure that busses arrive on time for the pickup point, and on time for the drop off point according to the application, think of it as a second google map but with buses!

4. Countless bus routes and stations

If you want to get around Cairo and Giza through transportation, you are probably going to take more than one transportation. Say you are taking the subway from Maadi to Sayda Zenaib to get to Cairo University, you are not going to walk from the station to your destination, you will take a cab, a bus, or a microbus, and this is where Buseet swoops in for the rescue.

Buseet values the user’s comfort and convenience above everything else, this is why there are multiple bus routes to many destinations all over Cairo & Giza. A little extra is the summer bus routes but that’s a story for another day.

5. Convenience!

The ultimate decisive factor in anything we do in our lives, Buseet is time convenient, it is comfortable and air-conditioned, and if you are a regular user, you’ll probably save money in your daily commute by using promo codes.

It is simply a smart bus booking application that will take you through the shortest and fastest route every day with more than 300 stations throughout Greater Cairo.

If you are sold on the idea of Buseet, there is one last thing to do, try it yourself! Simply open the play store or apple store and download the application for free and you can ride the most comfortable buses daily throughout Cairo, moreover, you get to enjoy the first ride for free, what are you waiting for!