The streets of Greater Cairo are always bustling with traffic. Between buses, cars, and pedestrians, rush hours become unbearable and the pressure of late arrival increases by the second. So where exactly are these people going, or what exactly are they doing? Well, most of them are probably going to work to earn money, how they choose to arrive is their own choice but Buseet will always have their back when it comes to premium bus transportation. Others have interviews and important meetings that can decide their career path, if you are one of these, you need to be prepared for whatever it is they throw at you. Here are 5 Golden Rules suggested by Buseet to ace important meetings!

5 Golden rules for important meetings

  • Punctuality
  • Research
  • Objectives
  • Presentation
  • Follow-up


If there is a sentence that would describe the importance of being punctual and arriving on time, it’s that this is the first impression. Punctuality differs from one culture to the other, some see it as arriving way early, others on time, and others maybe minutes late. You won’t find a place in the entire world that appreciates you arriving one hour late, it just won’t happen. In Egypt we prefer arriving a little bit earlier or in time, of course this task becomes impossible whether you are taking your car or public transportation, luckily Buseet is about to change all that. Simply download Buseet’s application and look for arrival time that suits you and you’ll arrive sharp on the clock!


Well, the first step of anything is actually research. For example, if you are looking to try a new restaurant, you go online and look for the menu and customer reviews. Same thing goes when you are trying a new transportation app like Buseet, nothing but good things we promise. So if you are heading out for an important interview or meeting, make sure you do your research before-hand, don’t do it on the bus on your way there, and definitely don’t do it when you are there, are you even paying attention right now?


Everything happens for a reason, you are always late for a reason, not taking Buseet duh. But when we say objectives we are talking goals, we are talking about outcome, not reason. Always ask two questions, why are you going to this meeting or interview? And what is it you hope to come out of it with? These two questions will always set your mind on a thinking path that will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to achieve what you want!


Yes, we know that looks can be deceiving but guess what, they are also included in the first impression bundle. If you are going to an important meeting at a corporate that follows a business dress code, you cannot show up in sneakers and jeans, they would automatically think that you don’t mean business. We know that the idea of wearing something comfortable is perfectly reasonable and always tempting, but instead choose to arrive in an air conditioned bus from Buseet in a business suit. Now that’s a solid first impression!


No meeting will ever end with “thank you, this is the first and last time we get in touch”. You will always get a “we will contact you soon to clarify” or “let us study the situation and get back to you”. Now, whichever one of these replies you receive, whether it is an interview or an important meeting, don’t push it so far, remember that both parties need each other in order to reach mutual goals. Don’t call them or text them too soon, they will get back to you. So what do you do when you are done? You take your Buseet ride back home and hope for the best!

Whatever your future endeavors are, always remember that Buseet are here to make commuting and transportation easier, more comfortable, and definitely faster!