Getting up early in the morning to go to work can be a hassle. however, the biggest problem is not necessarily work; it’s how we get there. Living in Cairo means that daily commute is a living nightmare with people rushing left and right to get to work on time. Getting back home is no less of a hassle with the same scenario repeating itself only hours later. But what if we can actually make use of our daily bus ride or our daily transit to work,? What if we can actually enjoy the 2 or 3 hours wasted in transportation daily?

7 ways to get the most out of your daily commute!

  • Set short term and long term goals
  • Read a book
  • Listen to an audiobook or a podcast
  • Get inspired
  • Meditate and self-reflect
  • Learn a language
  • Discover new music

Set short term and long term goals

This one is pretty basic, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen, or a device if you prefer typing to write. We all want to get to places in life, aside from getting from Maadi to Zamalek in 30 seconds. We are talking time-wise here. Set goals for your life in the next couple of years and work out how you will achieve them in detailed steps. Afterward, start thinking about where the end of the line is for you when you have achieved all you have ever dreamed of, then start setting a timetable of goals until you reach it. By the time you are finished, you’ll have arrived at your destination with a plan and a positive attitude!

Before you start thinking that this only works one time…you are right but you can actually breakdown obstacles and daily tasks in order to better tackle them during your commute, like how you assumed it was a one-time thing and weren’t patient enough!

Read a book

If your 2 hours of transit day in, day out requires you to sit down in a chair for the duration of the ride; then a book is the thing for you. Now, this doesn’t work in public transportation because people from all over Cairo are coming on and off the bus.Or maybe you are being turned into a human sandwich in the metro station to get from one line to the other but If you have booked your Buseet ride and you are soaking in the air conditioning, then read a book. You don’t have to read a certain genre, just a book you would enjoy. What if you’ve finished the book you ask? Well buy another one, it is still not a one-time thing and you are still jumping to conclusions!

Listen to an audiobook or a podcast

Most of us have headphones for ears when in public. We don’t want to hear the world around us or what is going on at the intersections of Madinet Nasr. We just want to have peace and quiet listening to our favorite music, but what if there is something else you can listen to. Audiobooks and podcasts are an excellent way to nurture yourself or your knowledge of any field of your choice; they are like books but require no effort at all, just make sure you don’t sleep listening to them or you’ll miss the big picture…and probably your stop.

Get inspired

Before you start thinking that the last thing you need on your bus ride is thinking and getting inspired, it is not meant in its classical sense. Getting inspired doesn’t necessarily have to mean for work, you can get inspired to write a short story, write a song, you get a big idea. Every day we come across stories and ideas from the world around us that go to waste unless we take notice and start working on making something out of them. Stop dozing off during your ride and start looking around you for clues to what your next big idea might be.

Meditate and self-reflect

The last paragraph ended with ‘don’t doze off’ and this one starts with the same advice, only a little bit different. Meditation is the sort of thing we would love to try out but get cold feet because we don’t know where to start, kind of like trying to eat healthily. Luckily, your trip to work is the perfect time to meditate towards a calmer and more focused mind you can download Simple Habit and Start with meditating for 10 minutes and see how, in the long run, it can greatly affect your mindset positively and put you in the mood to take on whatever the day throws at you; Namaste!

Learn a language

Are you tired of watching your favorite show dubbed or with subtitles? Now is the time to start learning a new language. There are multiple apps that will help you get familiar with foreign languages like Duolingo, just choose one and you are on your way. The perks of doing this in daily commute is it can be done in multiple ways; you can read a book, download an app, or even watch a show with subtitles until you get the hang of the language, and finally and most importantly, it’s always fun to practice different accents!

Discover new music

The last one is pretty obvious; listen to your favorite music. If it starts to get repetitive or boring with time, introduce your playlist to new music types so you might enjoy them according to the occasion; a gloomy rainy bus ride to work, listen to the blues. A joyful and sunny road trip to an important meeting? Listen to some pop music to put you in the mood.

In conclusion, our daily route from home to work and vice versa can be pretty useful, however, most of the above suggestions would only work in an organized system of transit that values privacy and offers convenience and consistency. Download and try Buseet to start getting from point A to point B in a whole new commuting experience.