Premium - Pricing Details

Comfort & personal space with empty seat beside you

premium seat location in bus

Buseet prices are calculated based on distance from the pickup point to hop off point. In premium booking, enjoy a window seat with a free seat beside you. The table below has the unit prices based on distance.

Distance Price
First ١٠ kilometers ١٧.٠٠ ج. م.
من ١٠ إلى ٢٠ كيلو متر ٥.٠٠ ج. م.
من ٢٠ إلى ٣٠ كيلو متر ٥.٠٠ ج. م.
كل ١٠ كيلو متر بعد ٣٠ كيلو متر ٣.٠٠ ج. م.