The era of technology is dependent on smart phones and laptops; our success depends on them too. Everything is digitized now for easier access and more convenience. Take the simple things for example; you don’t need to have an alarm clock to wake up on time, your phone does it for you. Calendars, who needs them? Your phone will schedule everything. You get the bigger picture here. Entrepreneurs and innovators have capitalized the opportunity and came up with some brilliant apps to make our lives easier! Take these few for an example!

Innovative apps that make our daily lives easier

  • Food delivery apps

  • Health apps
  • Music apps
  • Commuting apps

Food delivery apps

If you don’t have delicious food then you are not living, pun intended. The days of ordering food through phone and listening to the waiting music for 15 minutes. No more bad signals and communication errors. Now you can simply pop up a food delivery application and order what your heart desires in less than a minute, you have to wait for the food to be delivered of course. But that’s not all there is to it when it comes to convenience; you get offers and deals on your favorite restaurants. Check out Otlob, and El Menus, the biggest to food delivery app in Egypt. There second kind that will deliver your groceries and save you a shopping trip.

Health apps

Well, let’s put food aside for a second and discuss our wellbeing. Multiple apps have been developed to track your activity daily with smart watches and sensors. Some of it go the extra mile and offer you tips, recipes, and workout programs. This does one of two things; saves you the extra fees for nutrition plans and training plans, and keeps you in shape. If you are short on time, there are apps that recommend 15 minutes per day of activity to stay healthy and fit.

Music apps

Stuck in traffic? Using public transport? Or even working at the office? Well, music will surely put you in the mood. Your smartphone and laptop will become your best music pal with music streaming applications such as Deezer, Anghami, and Spotify. No more waiting for your favorite song on the radio to crank the volume up; you can play it anytime and anywhere to set the mood.

Commuting apps

Life savers! Whether you are looking to take a taxi or public transportations; your phone is now your best friend. Take Buseet for example, we will take you from point A to point B in our air-conditioned, comfortable buses through the shortest routes in the fastest times. You will also save tons of money on offers and loyalty points. Convenience is king so whenever you decide to download Buseet app you’ll get a free ride, just book your ride, sit back and enjoy the premium bus experience.