So we have been over how Buseet is super beneficial to your pocket and your time, it is the most convenient means of transportation in Greater Cairo at the moment.

However, there is more to Buseet than functional benefits, it also benefits your mood, which overall reflects on your life daily. Below are some of Buseet’s effect on your mood.

Benefits of Buseet on your mood

  • Tranquility
  • Focus
  • Energetic
  • Positive


Tranquility is the same as relaxation but on a deeper emotional level. Tranquility and harmony are always paired with each other to bring calmness and peace to the soul and mind.

Think of Buseet as the yoga of public transportation, the more you take it to your destination, the more clear your thinking and mood will be.

This, of course, shows in the quality of your work and how you interact with people on a daily basis.


Building on the first point. Buseet allows your mind to think clearly with no distractions. You will be riding our bus in a comfortable and air conditioned seat from point A to point B.

During this ride you can come up with multiple brilliant ideas for your work or your personal life, you can even start planning ahead to what you want to achieve next in life.


You will feel a whole lot energetic after taking Buseet to work or home. You won’t have to deal with the stress of the traffic or calf cramp in the red lights, you’ll only have to deal with complete convenience and decide how you want to spend your ride time.

The air conditioning also plays a big part in keeping your energy levels up special during the hot seasons. Another point that might be irrelevant to some customers is walking 2 minutes to the closest pick up location.


Having the right mindset will always push you forward. Think about it, you won’t have to be stuck in traffic or yelling at people on your way to work or home.

The sun won’t be an issue because you will have the blinders shut and the AC on. And the noise of the street will definitely not reach you inside our buses.

Add a comfortable suspensions ride and a safe driving style and you have yourself the first positive public transportation trip in Greater Cairo. If you want to stay positive, download Buseet and enjoy your first ride free of charge!