Amidst the increasing prices for petrol, Egyptians have come up with multiple trends that saves them money when it comes to transportation and commuting. Some of these trends are highly effective, some of them have turned to businesses, and some have failed miserably. Carpooling has been one of those trends that survived because it is reasonable and easy. However, with the rise of transportation applications that include buses and other group transportation on the rise like Buseet, we find ourselves at a fork road with a question on hand which is better, Buseet or Carpooling? Keep on reading to find out.

Why Buseet is better than Carpooling?

  • Timing
  • Space
  • Air-conditioning
  • Saving money
  • Scheduling


We are all humans, we make mistakes sometimes and it’s okay. However, it isn’t okay when we are late on our 4 carpooling buddies who all have places to be in certain times, or we have just bailed on them altogether to arrive exactly on time instead a little bit earlier. On the other hand you have Buseet with a highly dedicated professional staff and drivers who make sure that every single trip you take on our buses arrives exactly on time, also saving you the effort of communicating with others on where and when to meet by showing you all the available details for your trip on the application, you can even track your ride!


5 dudes all stacked up in a car in the hot weather with just the AC to keep them going doesn’t sound too comfortable, right? Not to mention that space and suspensions differ from one car to the other, one ride could be as smooth as an ironed pillow case, the other would make you feel like veggies in a blender. On the other hand, you have Buseet’s buses who are always comfortable with enough legroom to stretch and a powerful AC that will keep you cool the entire trap from the pickup point to the drop off point. Yes, everyone has his own seat booked, we don’t scram 5 in the back at Buseet, it isn’t our thing.


This point is a given, everyone knows that a bus’s AC is almost always more powerful than a car’s. Think of it as a hotel AC compared to your bedroom one, it is always cooler whether it is for technical reasons or personal preference. Also, comparing the space between a car and a bus with the number of people in it; the AC in a bus is much well distributed than a car with 5 people in it. If you are not sold, try going to work by carpooling then going home by Buseet and you will notice the difference.

Saving money

Yes, Buseet will save you money, and no we are not just talking about smart wallets and promos for events and loyalty points, we are talking straight forward save you money. This mainly comes down to multiple things. First, traffic jams leads the car to consume more petrol while standing still, thus paying more money for literally waiting, Buseet doesn’t. Second, your car will always require maintenance whenever it travels a certain distance; Buseet takes care of the buses maintenance, you just have to book and enjoy your trip. If you add all these up with promos and discounts it will definitely save you money on the short run and the long run.


You can schedule rides as much as you want depending on your need with Buseet, unlike carpooling that requires a certain number of people to agree on a time and place. You can even schedule your trips weekly in the weekend so you book your seat and never forget, again unlike carpooling where one of your fellow carpoolers can forget to mention they have the day off or they have an emergency.

The odds tip to Buseet’s favor, however, if you are still not convinced you can download the application from Google Play store or Apple’s store and book your first ride completely free of charge; think of it as a welcome gift to Buseet!