Buseet recommended summer essentials … This summer is different because Buseet is taking you to the North Coast! You can drop off at Diplo 3, Amwaj North Coast, or Telal al Alamein.

We are also trying to make sure you know what to take so you can enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest. Don’t worry about luggage space, we have your back, only worry about what to bring for the overall summer vacation. Ladies and gentlemen; Buseet’s recommended summer essentials!

Buseet recommended summer essentials

  • Everything related to the sun
  • Floaties
  • Fresh sheets and towels
  • Summer wear


Everything related to the sun

It’s the summer season, you are going to the North Coast, and of course, there will be sun. The first thing you will need from the start of the trip to the end is your sunglasses.

You might be riding our premium buses this vacation but we cannot stop the sun from shining. Good, you have made it and now you want to spend some quality time on the beach to relax; sunglasses on, hats on, and definitely pack some sun screen with you.

It might be a bit of an overstretch to pack a small umbrella, but it’s a really nice fashion touch for your Instagram!



This is not a joke. North Coast vacation is not only about the beach, there are also pools where you can float peacefully with a cool drink and a book to relax. Floaties are also a brilliant way to meet new people, much like dogs. They come in flamingo shapes, duck shapes, everything from simple to stylish.

Whatever you choose is totally up to you, you can say choose whatever floats your boat…get it, float and floatie? No? Well, moving on then!


Fresh sheets and towels

The first thing you want to do when you arrive anywhere is change the bed sheets. You never know who was there before you. Hygienically speaking, changing the sheets and packing fresh towels will set your mind at ease and help you sleep better after a long day out.

You will be used to the scent of your own sheets and the touch of your own towels which will put you in the right mode for the next day.

Summer wear

We know that this one is a no brainer, but here is why it made the list. Some of us love to go out at night and enjoy a totally different weather and atmosphere at the North Coast. This is why you should always pack summer clothing for the morning, and summer clothing for the night. Fashion statements!

Whatever you decide on packing, make sure to book your North Coast trip with Buseet this summer so you can get the best start to your vacation!