Arguably, the most annoying part of our day is commuting but fear not, there are many new transportations that will take you to your destination in style, the latest most prominent one is Buseet.

Buseet is a bus-booking application with comfortable buses arriving at your destination faster, you’ll take the shortest and fastest route every day, how you might ask?

Well, for starters Buseet is the official google transit partner in Egypt, which means that the routes devised were not only chosen based on the pick-up point and drop-off point but also according to the fastest route to take you from point A to point B. Moreover, there are multiple drop off points on one route so you can pinpoint your exact desired location.

How Buseet is taking Greater Cairo transportation ?!

  • Easy Access

  • Attentive to your needs
  • Easy Scheduling
  • Familiarity

Easy Access

Let’s dig deeper into Buseet service. You can access the application at any given time and manage your bookings in details; you can change the pick-up and drop off points, you can change the time of your ride according to availability, or you can cancel it altogether in a given time before the ride.

But that’s not all, Buseet abides with the 24/7 accessibility policy and applies it on their personalized customer service who are available around the clock daily to receive your feedback and complaints about the bus-booking service.

What this means is Buseet is always updating your routes according to the users’ needs. The biggest example of this is the multiple stations added recently in Maadi and New Cairo.

Attentive to your needs

The constant progression is not only noticeable in transit routes, it’s noticeable in how high customer demand on a single bus trip or route triggers Buseet to find more convenient ways to supply buses for this demand.

If you are ever in New Cairo you will find Buseet buses available all day long from the downtown mall to the AUC and point 90 with no prior ticket reservation is required only to make your life easier.

That’s not all, the summer season is coming and Buseet is going to add new routes to Sokhna, Sahel, or wherever you want to soak some sun into your skin so you can get in a relaxing mode along the way.

Easy Scheduling

Online bus booking has allowed for greater scheduling prospects of our weekly transit in one sitting; this means that we have a lot more time to think about what is really important and stop stressing over making it in time.

In case you were wondering, yes, a study shows that your brain doesn’t really concentrate on work or creative thinking when you are subconsciously thinking about what time should you leave today, or what will you eat tomorrow, and other trivial thoughts that block the thinking process.

You can think of Buseet as your creative brainstorming partner who gives you extra time to clear your mind and think purposefully on a bus ride.


So Buseet has short rides, comfy seats and air conditioning, and a 24/7 customer service that are always glad to help, are there any other perks that make Buseet a groundbreaking transit experience; yes, human companionship.

Humans are social beings who cannot live without socializing, with Buseet you will see the same faces of people who also booked their trips on daily basis which grows a sense of familiarity feeling that you know everyone, this can greatly have a positive impact on one’s mood.

More than 30,000 trips, 160,000 bookings, and 300 stations are just milestones that are bound to get bigger for Buseet. If you really want to know how Buseet is taking the transportation game to a whole new level then just download the application and try it first hand, mind-blowing guaranteed!