It is no secret that Google has been the leading technological entity in the world for the past couple of years. They have probably give us the greatest contribution to our daily commute; Google Maps. You can access the maps at any time with your location and internet connection and it will give you a live feed of your best route and traffic jams. Let’s review how google maps changed our daily commute!

How Google maps changed our daily commute

  • Easy navigation

  • Reputability
  • First impression
  • Availability
  • Sharing option
  • Multiple transportation modes

Easy navigation

Navigating the streets of Greater Cairo has never been easier. Back in the day you had to know your way around the streets or you will be totally lost, even worse was when you had to cross your fingers and pray there would be no traffic jams along the route. Now you can simply pop up google maps and commute with ease along routes you haven’t seen before and they are always the shortest and fastest routes.


Say you own a business and someone is trying to locate where it is, if you have it on Google Maps, it instantly increases your reputation with your customers. Take Buseet for example, they are the official Google transit partner in Egypt, meaning that whenever you open Google Maps you will find suggested orange routes on it, these are Buseet’s routes to take you from point A to point B in the fastest time, talk about reputation!

First impression

There are several businesses and locations on Google Maps that you can choose as your arrival destination. It’s always easier to follow the map to your destination rather than getting lost and asking for directions. If your destination is not on the maps and you only have an address, you would immediately think that they are missing out on an obvious give to first impression. Lucky for you, Buseet has an option that would take you to the street you want even if you don’t have the exact location.


Google Maps availability is unparalleled, it is working live around the hour every day. You wouldn’t pop up the application at the crack of dawn to travel and find it not working or giving you false information. Buseet functions in a similar way, it is always available for scheduling rides and finding bus routes and lines. You can even contact our highly trained customer service at any time!

Sharing option

Google doesn’t only allow you to share a destination or a location, it also gives you a customer review option to talk about your experience. We at Buseet value your opinion and give you the option to rate your bus rides with us so we can receive your feedback and upgrade our service to match your needs. Much like how we developed a bus line from the start of 90 street to the end of it around the clock with no prior booking required, this was all you!

Multiple transportation modes

Google Maps leaves nothing to chance, they have multiple transportation modes to suit your way of commute. You can enter that you are going from Maadi to Giza walking and it will tell you the shortest route and the estimated time of arrival, impressive but not very practical. You can upgrade a little and enter that you are taking a bicycle, still not quite there yet. Now this is the important one; you can enter that you are taking public transportation and it will tell you exactly what to take and when, you see all these orange bus routes? Yes, that’s Buseet!

Our bus routes are the shortest and fastest routes around Greater Cairo much like Google Maps. All you have to do to enjoy an unparalleled commuting experience is to download Buseet’s application and enjoy the first ride for free!