It has been a long time coming since 2006; finally, Egypt is hosting this year’s version of the African Cup of Nations and we will proudly cheer for Egypt from our homes, the streets, and basically everywhere. Some of us might be going to the stadium to get the full supporters experience, however, you can never really get the full experience unless you know-how.

And to know how you have to learn several important things to enjoy your time cheering for your country. Lucky for you, once again we have compiled a list of everything possible and how you should get ready for CAN matches!

How to get the full CAN supporter experience?

  • Arrive Early
  • Pack Wisely
  • Wear Comfy
  • Bring your Flag
  • Practice your Chants

Arrive Early

The key to attending any major crowded event is in the arrival time. You’ll probably notice that Cairo streets will be a little more crowded and commuting will be a hassle throughout the tournament; the stadiums will be even more crowded than the streets. Noise will be heard from people who live in the stadiums’ neighborhoods from the comfort of their homes, so imagine going through the crowd to enter the stadium just to attend and enjoy a match from a good spot after arriving there late, and by late we mean 1 hours before kickoff. Luckily you can download Buseet’s app and book your ride to the stadium beforehand so you can arrive early and pick the spot that suits you most; no commuting hassle, just a press of a button.

Pack Wisely

It is going to be a very long day from start to finish, you’ll want to pack wisely for all your needs throughout the experience. So you have booked your Buseet ride and you are ready to take a nice air-conditioned bus ride through the streets to the stadium, sadly, the stadium is crowded and is not air-conditioned so you need to pack essentials like a towel for humidity, and of course, water so you can drink and support freely. You can also pack tiny snacks if you are feeling like you are going to be hungry in the midst of the action.

Wear Comfy

So you are booking a Buseet ride on a comfortable air-conditioned bus to get ready for the match of your life but then you wear jeans…jeans in a stadium, yes, it sounds bad now doesn’t it.

Here is another crucial factor for your experience as a supporter, always wear comfortable clothing; if available, wear the whole team’s kit, you know they are designed for the purpose of comfort and performance.

Another huge part of being comfortable is the shoes you choose to wear; you’ll probably be standing most of the day, so choose the most comfortable sneakers you have and wear them to the match, this way you can go with Buseet in a smooth ride, enjoy a comfy yet loud experience, and go home with Buseet afterward.

Bring your Flag

So you figured out what to wear and what to pack, you figured out the best way to reach the stadium early which is obvious; you should always take Buseet but do you know what is more obvious? Bringing your flag with you!

You can’t be a true supporter without packing the Red, Black, and White with you. If you are thinking about carrying it in your commute, don’t worry Buseet has compartments you can use for your flag and backpack.

Practice your Chants

Supporting your country at the stadium is the opposite of quiet. People are always chanting and coming up with new words to drive their team forward, take for example the Egyptian king song that we are pretty sure will be heard during this tournament as Mo Salah runs down the wing. Check social media for the newest chants, practice the ones you know, and maybe come up with new ones during the Bus ride to the stadium!

Now you can have the full supporters’ experience, let’s root for Egypt to win the cup! Don’t forget to book your Buseet rides to arrive and leave in style!