One of the biggest hassles of public transportations is having to switch lines, and sometimes even having to switch transportations. It would be great if you could take transportation from point A to point B without switching in transportations other than Taxis and cars.

Well, if you have not been living with us for the best few years, Buseet is here to save the day! Let’s take a look at a few destination examples that only Buseet can take you to in one single trip!

One trip rides only Buseet provides

  • North Coast

  • Smart Village
  • New Cairo
  • Zamalek
  • Maadi
  • A lot more!

North Coast

You read it right. This summer Buseet is going to Sahel and we are taking you with us. Choose your pick up point and we will drop you off anywhere along the way. You can also ride Buseet when you are there to commute from one destination to another; how convenient!

Smart Village

If you work there, then you know that if your employer doesn’t provide buses for employees’ transportation, it is a disaster commute. You’ll probably have to switch lines 2 to 3 times. However, this is a thing of the past! As we announced before, we are taking you to smart village, consider us your transit partner to and from work. It doesn’t matter where you choose to take your ride, we will drive you all the way to the smart village!

New Cairo

The land of no subways! New Cairo is infamous of its poor transit system that only includes main roads, buses, and taxis. We will take you to any point in New Cairo all the way from downtown to the AUC, what makes this so special is this specific line will be working 24/7 with no prior booking.


Another place that is inaccessible via the subway, you have to take the subway first then switch to a microbus or a bus, or simply book a ride from Buseet from anywhere near your location and drop off along the 26th of July street wherever suits you most!


You might get lost there, but we don’t. Buseet has many pick up and drop off points in this lovely neighborhood. We know it like the back of our hands and we now all the critical points and locations.

A lot more!

These are just a few options of our one trip lines diversity! If you want to learn more, download Buseet application and enjoy the first ride completely free of charge.