Booking a Buseet trip for your daily transportation commute is probably one of the best choices you’ll ever make. While the trip doesn’t usually last for long because the premium bus service aims to take you through the quickest, shortest, and fastest routes between two points, you should probably consider taking a backpack with you on the bus and wherever you go. What to pack in it? Well, there are so many options but there are certain items that are a must-have at all time during your commute.

Things you should pack for your daily Buseet trip

  • Water
  • Sunglasses
  • Headphones
  • Powerbank
  • Book


Water is essential for us humans to survive and live, however, it is extremely necessary during hot weather. While it is true that Buseet buses are air-conditioned, you’ll often find yourself thirsty during the ride from the effort taken to get there. You can always keep a plastic water bottle at the side pocket of your backpack and take it out with ease whenever you feel like drinking; make sure you take tiny sips at a time and not drink all the bottle at once to save some for the road and get as much benefit out of it as possible.


In case you are wondering, yes, Buseet buses have sun curtains, so why are we suggesting sunglasses on the bus? To save you the hassle of squinting every time you want to check how far has your ride has gone unless you do it on your phone of course. Sunglasses are also essential in hot sunny weather to keep your eyes healthy while walking the streets of Greater Cairo. Bonus tip: It can help you sleep better on the bus if you are tired or you can pretend to be sleeping and keep an eye on everything around you if you feel like a personal investigator.


You probably already have it in your pockets every day but just to make sure; always bring your headphones on Buseet’s ride. Sure the ride doesn’t take much time, however, maybe your destination is a few steps away from the bus stop so you have to put on your glasses and headphones to enjoy a nice stroll instead of the noise of traffic and the crowd. Maybe you can even plug the headphones and play absolutely nothing just to avoid noise and take a nap in Buseet’s comfortable seats, we are not judging, do whatever you feel like.


So your headphones are draining away the battery of your phone as your bus progresses to the destination, you know what else needs your phone to function? Yes, Buseet’s application. Keep a powerbank in your backpack to recharge your phone if needed, you never know when you are going to leave your home to catch the bus and realize halfway that you haven’t charged your phone since yesterday; all it takes then is a red light and a familiar beep and then you’ll phone will be dead and you will be stuck in the concrete jungle of Cairo without a way to get around, or something that makes the whole experience bearable.


Feed your brain with a nice book on Buseet’s rides. Do you know that if you commute for 2 hours daily and decide to spend that time reading, you can be reading up to 480 hours per year just for taking a book on Buseet’s trips? 480 hours roughly translate to about 10 to 15 books per year, just on the bus! Of course, this is only possible because our buses are always comfortable and the rides are always smooth.

Who said commuting is always a chore? Download Buseet’s application and enjoy premium bus rides throughout Greater Cairo with lines that stretch through every street of the city!