Summer season is upon us and everyone is looking forward to travel to their getaway, soak in the sun, and have some fun. The two most popular locations for the summer are probably Ain Sokhna and the North Coast. Let’s put Ain Sokhna on the side now and hail the king of every summer season; the North Coast. Between its beach life and night life, nothing compares to the North Coast. The only point where Ain Sokhna wins in this comparison is the distance. It can be a tedious and boring drive to reach the North Coast, but not anymore because Buseet is going to the North Coast! Here is why it is your best option.

Why Buseet is your summer ride to the North Coast

  • Convenient

  • Relaxing
  • Gives you options


When it comes to convenience, no other means of transportation can beat Buseet. It is better than the bus and the car, why you ask? Well for starters you will save money, and we mean it. While a drive to your favorite destination at the North Coast can cost you a full tank, Buseet will cost you way less. What if after you arrive you want to go somewhere else? We’ll be with you in the North Coast all weekend providing you a line that passes by multiple destinations, beat that bus!


Yes, you won’t have to drive all the way there and we know that the thought of a nice smooth ride in a premium air conditioned bus to your summer have is already relaxing. Another point is the excellent condition of our buses; you won’t hear suspensions squeaking, you won’t find a warm AC outlet, and definitely no engine noises. Now you can ride Buseet and arrive in style all rested and ready for the day!

Gives you options

We are a flexible understanding service. You get to pick the time that suits you most and where you want to be dropped off. We won’t leave you in the middle of the road or a bus stop miles away from civilization, we will leave you exactly where you want to be!

If you are planning on a nice weekend at the North Coast, check out our drop off points and book your ride!