If you are a bus driver or a bus owner, you might want to consider working with a private transit entity. And what better one to start working with than Buseet? So let’s discuss the choice in the first place; why would you join Buseet for a fulltime position when you can freelance your buses? Simply because it is a stable income that only grows with time, and the rest of the answers are in details below!

Why you should drive for Buseet?

  • Higher salaries than the market
  • Simple & efficient application
  • Decent & friendly customers
  • Other features and compensations

Higher salaries than the market

So now you ask yourself, why Buseet specifically? Well, we consider ourselves as the premium buses service in Greater Cairo, and the only one that is officially partnered with Google. If you join us, you’ll receive premium benefits that suits the organization’s market position, starting with the salary. Buseet’s salaries are higher than other organizations in the market, and that is mainly because we believe in the immense effort and dedication of our drivers to provide the best service ever.

Simple & efficient application

Sure, Buseet’s customer application is cutting edge, simple to follow, and brilliant as a whole. The driver’s application is no less in quality than the customer’s one. If you come across an issue or have any questions, you can simply contact your handler and he will follow up with you to resolve any inconvenience. Also, you don’t have to worry about any traffic because the application follows the best routes, just buckle up and drive.

Decent & friendly customers

You will not be picking up random strangers from the streets who may or may not have an attitude. You will be picking up regular Buseet’s customers who are as friendly as they are decent. No one will talk down to you or start any inappropriate behavior. In short, our customers value your exhausting role and know that without you, the wheels on the bus won’t literally roll.

Other features and compensations

Buseet’s features doesn’t just stop at that. You’ll get reviewed by customers, and the better you perform, the better you’ll be compensated for your efforts. Think of Buseet as a very fair business owner who values all their employees. If you are sold and want to join, follow this link!